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Woman trades wedding ring for Chiefs-Broncos tickets!

Remember in the Barter Arbitrage course I mention that perception is reality and just because something is book valued at X, doesn’t mean it’s worth that?

Remember how I told you that your local pawn shop is often a real reality check?

Enjoy this awesome story about a woman who wanted to reward her husband on his 40th birthday with tickets to this weeks Chiefs vs. Bronco’s game.

Woman trades wedding ring for sports tickets!


Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Barter Arbitrage Secret Sourcing Sites Part 2

OK Barter Arbitrage Money Team Members and those just checking us out: here are some more links that can be used to create massive leverage in your trading ventures.

Wanted to take a second and let you all know how proud I am of the massive success some of you had your very first week out of the gate. As one of my students said, “this beats internet marketing” in every way.

He’s right. This is the most evergreen product ever released….and nothing Google does can ever change it. NOTHING! And let me tell you something about that. How many online business’ have been destroyed because of some jack ball at Google changing this or that?

Build your house around “Google” and might as well build it on quicksand.

Barter has been around long before dollar bills and it will NEVER go away.

You who were lucky enough to grab this product while it’s still dirt cheap know you got way more then you paid for. And it came with no OTO leading to a road called “Gotcha Sucker”!

Here are some more sourcing links and as I always say, go back through this entire blog again and again…..because there is stuff here that isn’t even included in the product! And it’s free!



Guys and Girls…..as many of you know, I am leaving internet marketing to do personal coaching in student’s home town. This product will be sold in the coming weeks…and I absolutely promise it will go to a new seller who will charge FAR MORE then the meager 47 bucks I’m charging u now.

All students who purchase while I still own this joint…will get everything promised including consulting. Nothing will change.

Wait too long….and that wont be the case.

Check into this blog often please!

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Barter Kings Trading Car for A Plane

I want everyone to pay attention to the compliance dialogue used in this trade. The Barter Kings are attempting trade a classic car for an airplane and this deal reminds me of the time I cash converted a 1986 red Porsche to a dude who showed up with a model wife and a brand new BMW.

Notice the questions and the dialogue used…and implement this in your own direct trading.

And here’s one of the best tips Vinnie will ever give you: I don’t care how successful a man is….the one thing he wants the most is “to go home again.”

Find out what will “get him home” and you will often make the trade UP.

Stay Legendary:

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage

Pimping Goodwill Stores For Barter Items

Hey peeps, for a lot of you on tight budgets there is a ton of quality information on Youtube regarding exploiting garage sales, Goodwill outlets, and even the free section on Craigslist where people actually give their stuff away.

Most of these videos are geared to people who sell on Ebay or Amazon, but truth be told many of these items will sell at even higher prices on trade or in many cases you can begin “trading up” directly scoring items on the cheap.

So whether you’re a savvy chick who likes to thrift, or a dude who has a talent for picking….this is a great way to get started for very little cash outlay.

Sell the items for cash, or use them to jump start your trading career. The decision is ultimately yours based on your personal circumstances.

The video below is not the best or the worst on the subject but will give you some ideas of how this dude pimps the Goodwill circuit.

Stay Legendary,

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Bartering Space, Time, and Perishables.

Hello Barter Arbitrage students, hope this finds you doing legendary!
Wanted to take a brief moment to open your eyes to some of the easiest trade deals available:

1. Space

2. Time

3 Perishables.

Granted I’ve drilled this into your sculls in my course, but it’s worth going over again.

Anything that turns into a pumpkin at the witching hour is a great opportunity to make a trade deal with.

A hotel can not sell an empty room twice on Monday if no one books it on Sunday. They are much more inclined to take full retail in trade then let the room sit empty which again, is a win/win deal for them and you.

Because if you master this course, your trade dollars will be created for mere pennies on the dollars and in many cases for nothing.

A radio station has 24 hours to run it’s line up of shows and ads. Once the clock strikes midnight and they don’t have a paid ad to run, they don’t get a second chance. Hence, radio is a great medium to trade and leverage up with as they are in fact media that can create more money for you or your client. Capiche!

Wine might get better with age, but a lot of stuff just collects dust. Go through the course and utilize our option low-trade high approach to do larger deals.

With Barter Arbitrage 2.0….the world is your friggin’ oyster. Open your minds, lose the logic, and understand why this stuff works.

Till next time….

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Why Barter Arbitrage will be my Final Product Ever.

Barter Arbitrage Logo

The truth is, Barter Arbitrage 2.0 will be the LAST product I ever release. Why? Because I no longer choose to participate in an internet marketing industry filled with affiliate programs that buy and pay for their testimonials from people who have vested financial interest in said product…but usually were given a “review copy” and never actually “use the product.”

In a word: bullshit.

We’ve shocked the world with our little mini launch selling over 500 copies of the best damn course ever done in regards to exploiting the trillion dollar barter and trade industry in 48 hours minus any wings, strings, or camera tricks.

I didn’t use a single affiliate. I didn’t “buy and sell” testimonials. My Facebook page is filled with dozens of people who flat out have spoken with their wallets…and they now realize what suckers they’ve been. It take a great product to open your eyes. I did. Eye balls are popping out all over cyber space.

Translation: Many call this the greatest product they have EVER purchased.

Some of the biggest players in marketing like Dr. Mani, Rob “The Genie” Toth, Willie Crawford, and Marlon Sanders…..endorsed me and this product and did NOT make one single dime in exchange.

I am sick and tired of of looking at affiliate products of the day filled with “testimonials” from their affiliate buddies who probably never even looked at what they are endorsing and if so…they were given review copies for free.

Vinnie didn’t roll that way this time. I didn’t buy shit. I created a great product….and a great blog with real content and I didn’t need to resort to the bullshit these types use to promote their dime sale products filled with OTO’s that lead 2 a road called NO WHERE SUCKER!

My final WSO will be released tomorrow or Friday. It’s real. It’s pure. The people who endorse it actually plunked down real money. They aint making a dime in return.

I am sick and tired of playing games on forums watching marketers sell shit they themselves NEVER DO AND HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING.

As the feedback pours in…..I realize I’m leaving on top. With a shred of fucking integrity that is evaporating in this bullshit IM world.

I am leaving knowing I put out the greatest product of all time in regards to the barter trade niche ever done and my customers will back that up.

We don’t have to “cheat” to sell.

A word to the wise to u snake oil salesman and your pathetic dime sale mentality: value your own product rather then figuring out ways to trick the suckers who are as guilty as you are.

I’m one man. But I promise I’ll kick ass on the Warrior Forum on my way out the door by doing something everyone who sell there should do….do what you sell and deliver quality.

I’ve put out three products in my life. They all crushed it. I wonder why? Hint Hint! I did the opposite of what these clowns above do every day…because trust me….they don’t make money doing shit…they make money selling shit.

I’ll continue with my one on one coaching clients who pay me good money to help them create empires. I’ll finish my book. I’ll continue my speaking career….but as far as IM….see ya!

You will get my last product….and you’ll understand then how you’ve been conned by so many others.

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Barter Kings: Big Rig or Bust

Barter Arbitrage Logo

Hey gang, we less than 48 hours away from the launch of the most legendary, top selling, critically acclaimed product of all time in regards to exploiting the trillion dollar barter and trade industry.

This is the last chance to jump on the early bird list and receive a full month of email consulting with me one on one as we have pretty much capped out at 200.

I’m including another fun video from The Barter Kings because despite what some haters may think, I’ve done plenty of research and these two dudes are the real deal. They do in fact trade up all the time.

Granted Barter Arbitrage 2.0 deals with FAR more techniques then this type of “trading.” At the same time, however, I want to continue to drive home the point that trading up is possible when you and your trading partner are able to see VALUE vs. PRICE.

Keep in mind this course has NEVER sold for less then $294.00. It has NEVER once been discounted until now.

I can assure you that after this final launch I am ending my internet marketing career and am selling this entire baby to a buyer who will most definitely be selling this for FAR MORE THEN THE CHUMP CHANGE I’M OFFERING TO YOU. No joke.

Stay Legendary!
Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Meet Idaho’s King of Bartering

Barter Arbitrage Logo

Well peeps, Barter Arbitrage will be going live sometime Monday night October 7. All early birds continue to check into the site as I’ll be posting bits of barter bad-assery up until launch day.

The video below perfectly illustrates yet another dude who can see past the forest and way outside of the box most of you allow yourselves to become prisoners of.

My course will give you over 30 hours of hard hitting information that will change the way you do business and look at business forever.

We have 3 early bird spots left. So if you want the month of FREE email consulting I’d opt in asap because I’m guessing we’ll be filled by later today.

Enjoy this awesome video as this dude does hundreds of thousands of dollars in trade and we’ll not only teach you how he does it….we’ll make the process easier.

Keep in mind some of the most respected marketers of this generation not only ENDORSED THIS COURSE….THEY USED IT.

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Barter Kings Tips of the Trade

Barter Arbitrage Logo

Hey gang, Barter Arbitrage goes live this Monday night…so get your popcorn out, forget about the football game and remember that early birds get the first crack at this legendary product along with ONE MONTH OF CONSULTING WITH VEGAS VINCE.

This is my final product ever and I promise everyone that be it a year from now, ten years from now, or a hundred years from now when I’m dead and buried….this course will remain the most definitive guide on exploiting the billion dollar trade industry ever done.

Actually it already is. I’m just adding a punctuation mark on my legacy.

For those of you who are looking for something that doesn’t just deliver real value but over delivers–this course is for you. And the price is frigging ridiculous and those who owned it originally know it.

If u are use to the usual dime sale wso’s that include a few videos, bells, whistles and sell for 7 bucks with a 27 dollar OTO that leads to a road called NOWHERE….u will be overwhelmed at the amount of information in Barter Arbitrage 2.0.

It’s that massive. It’s that legendary. And it’s the last thing I’ll ever put on the market because I’m sick of all the bullshit being sold to suckers who are as guilty as the promoters of same.

Vinnie keeps it real. If u are a refund artist or looking for a push button road to riches that does NOT exist don’t wast your time or mine. And for sure do NOT buy. In fact if I spot your name as one of these “peeps” I will NOT sell to u. I’m serious as a heart attack.

For the rest of you peeps…this product can change your life.

Enjoy a few tips from The Barter Kings below and Stay Legendary.

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Barter Kings and the Art of Trading UP

Barter Arbitrage Logo

Enjoy this two minute video from the hit show Barter Kings. Some of you will find this entertaining while the more savvy of you will look past the forest and understand that a good trade is based on VALUE not PRICE.

One of the biggest benefits you will get out of Barter Arbitrage 2.0 is the ability to stop looking at business from a linear perspective and start opening your mind to possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Go into this course, like a little kid….where anything is possible and spitting in the face of “logic” is a good thing. That’s why kids are better “traders” then adults.

They see a world of Value and possibility while the majority of you see it as Price and logic. I’m going to kick that out of you in this course….believe it!

This video below… if you “get it” illustrates perfectly how you can trade up.

Stay Legendary!
Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

How and Why You Should Trade Un-Sexy Services!

Barter Arbitrage Logo

This audio is jam packed with tips for those of you who are involved in what I call “un-sexy” businesses. Whether it’s carpet cleaning, office cleaning, litter pick up, or snow plowing in cold ass Minnesota….these are among the easiest services to trade.


1. Get instant access to good or services you need NOW….without paying cash.

2. Get valuable scrip in return for your “IOU” that u can sell at a discount for instant cash.

3. Use the scrip to create a “triangulation trade.” (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then go through this blog and find the post on triangulation….along with all the other free gold I’m giving away.

This bad ass little audio will also explain why those merchants who sell with huge margins are the easiest peeps to trade with and why you need to do simple research before bothering to trade with any company.

Barter Arbitrage 2.0 will be live a week from today and we only have 17 early bird spots left.  So opt in or forever hold your peace….because I am forced to cap it at 200 in terms of being able to provide you early birds with the quality info you deserve.

Stay Legendary,

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Leveraging Your Personal Currencies into an Empire!

Barter Arbitrage Logo


Barter Arbitrage 2.0 is going to be out in the next 7 days or so, and in the mean time I will continue to drive home the power of leverage.

Barter Arbitrage done the way I teach it, allows you to get what YOU need or want today for currencies you have inside you but just never thought of.

I’m going to use an example of a student who has used the free info on this blog to open up his mind to new ways of marketing his “currency.”

Enjoy another short, but powerful audio…and remember to opt in to the early bird list…..we have 22 slots left and then I gotta pull the plug.


Keep in mind this is one of dozens of strategies in Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Enjoy this mind bending audio…..and figure out how to apply it!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

How Can Openers plus Barter Created the Home Shopping Network

Barter Arbitrage Logo

Still think Barter is chickens for goats? What if you were a small radio station sitting on 1400 friggin’ can openers sitting in your prize closet?

What would you do to turn those can openers into one of the biggest companies in the world?

You would apply the magic of barter arbitrage and become the company known as: The Home Shopping Network!


Legendary Interview!

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0….What the world is coming to.

VegasVince Barter Arbitrage


Barter Arbitrage Sales Page is up– NOT LIVE yet!

Hey peeps, I posted the sales page for you early so you could get a grasp on exactly what you are getting. THE BUY IT NOW BUTTONS ARE NOT LIVE! HIT THE HOME PAGE…AND CHECK IT OUT.

The product will be release in early October…..so read the sales page and if you come across any questions, use the awesome free blog to help yourself out.


And after listening enjoy the Barter Wars video below….a lot of fun!

Stay Legendary,

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

A Sneak Peak At One Of My Early Trading Accounts

I pulled this invoice off the original sales page just to show you the motley crew of strange items I sold on the ITEX Barter Exchange

As you’ll notice it’s quite a myriad of products and services. 4 years later, nothing has changed…..I still sell strange stuff all the time.

I EAT RECESSIONS FOR LUNCH! In fact, the worse “stuff” gets the more profitable these techniques work.

 ITEX Trading Account

Sales Report

HERE’S THE BIGGER POINT: I created $67,725.69 cents in purchasing power over a period of time for around 10 cents on the dollar. Do the math.

Get ready, this is information you have never heard before and that’s why Barter Arbitrage was and will always remain the top selling, most critically acclaimed  course of it’s kind. It’s that damn good! Period.

p.s. This is another reason the Barter Industry hates me….they don’t want me teaching you that you can trade funky items like this at huge margins despite the fact their OWN members loved them.

Stay Legendary, and remember those who opt in to the early bird list get one full month of email consulting with me…so I can help jump start your trading biz!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

How To Generate a Fast $10K Loan You Never Repay!

“Honey baby can’t u see….aint nobody BAD like me.” –VV

Before I get into this actual case study I’m going to do myself in the next few days, I want all of you who opt into the early bird list for Barter Arbitrage 2.0 to get a bonus that the others won’t be receiving simply because there’s no way in hell I can find the time to do it.

Opt in early and I’ll give you ONE MONTH of FREE EMAIL CONSULTING in order to get your trade business off to the races. This is a bribe. Period. And it’s one hell of a good BRIBE!

As I’ve told all of you this is my final product and I will be selling this entire course one month after the launch…so take advantage of this!

Now check out this little audio that explains how I (and eventually YOU) can set up your own bank, borrow 10 grand out of thin air, never repay a dime and if you do it right you’ll actually earn interest on the money.

A blistering live 11 minute audio…during dinner rush!


Think it can’t be done? I’ve done it on several times since the release of Barter Arbitrage and I can show you how to do it as well. And before you think it “wont work for your biz” etc……STOP.

It can and will WORK if you go through the entire course that will be released in the first week of October even if it friggin’ kills me!

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

VegasVince Barter Arbitrage

P.S. Wait till u check out the sales page for Barter Arbitrage….you’ll see it when it’s ready 2 go LIVE….it’s friggin’ sick!


Bartering $2 Million Dollars in Bat Manure!

Barter Arbitrage Logo

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, there are only about 500 true players in the barter industry which does trillions of dollars on a global level. The trade industry is largest industry of its kind that literally keeps itself in the shadows on purpose.

Allow me to introduce one Moreton Binn who is known in the trade world as the Sultan of Swap and whose company profits hundreds of millions trading anything and everything including Bat Manure. I kid you not!

Bet you never even heard of this guy who could buy and sell the Donald Trump’s of the world for 10 cents on the dollar. But then again, that’s why I created Barter Arbitrage.

When you finish my course you will know more then 99% of all the “traders” in the world.

Moreton Binn loves to swap. Anywhere, anytime, he’s ready to trade just about anything for anything else. He once exchanged a pot roast sandwich for a cab ride when he realized he had left his wallet in another suit. But that was small potatoes to Binn.

Professionally, he is president and CEO of Atwood Richards Inc., a Manhattan company that barters millions of dollars worth of goods a week and is reputedly the largest firm of its kind in the world.

On a funny side note, last I heard Moreton decided to conquer the Spa Industry??? I guess with all his money u can afford to indulge in million dollar ventures.


Stay Legendary:

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

p.s. in the next day or so, I will be putting an early bird opt in for those of you who want to grab the product before we make it available for the final time to the general public. So check the home page in the next couple of days and opt in if u are interested in getting a jump start.


How Barter Triangulation Can Make You Rich

Barter Arbitrage Logo

OK peeps, I’ve been hammering you with hard hitting FREE barter strategies that many of you have already used to go to the bank and the updated course hasn’t even been released yet!

Awesome! Barter Arbitrage is my final product and Vinnie wants it to be his legacy so rest assured you are going to get the very best information I can provide.

Here’s another bad ass audio on the art and science of Barter Triangulation which is a method that can save deals that seem impossible and on a larger level….can make you rich.

One deal a year is all it takes to sip frozen Margarita’s under a palm tree.


Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Proof That BarterNewsWeekly.com is trying to stop BARTER ARIBTRAGE

Barter Arbitrage Logo

I want everyone to listen to the 5 minute audio because I just busted the head of BarterNewsWeekly.com dead to rights!

The creepy little dude who runs this so-called industry site decided a few days ago he was going “edit out” all mentions he made of Vegas Vince “being right.” And I quote:

“Apparently Vegas Vince is right, as hard as that is for me to admit. In a student created video “documenting” the barter system, it became apparent to me that we in the barter industry have done a bad job of making ourselves heard in the long view. Chickens for Doctors is one of the headlines that is all over all of the news outlets, and most of the content of these stories paints barter as an ancient idea, one that went out of fashion with corsets and white wigs. Sue Lowden, though she didn’t mean to do it, has brought barter in to a specific light. Barter is now being scrutinized more than it ever has.And this video tells us what people think barter is…chickens for goats. Like Lucy, we have some explaining to do.”

Tyler Seamons who runs Barternewsweekly.com just got punked and I can’t wait to hear how he’s gonna talk himself out of this one, because Vinnie here has his ORIGINAL POSTS FROM 3 YEARS AGO that this creep didn’t have the balls to stand by.



Why The  Trade Industry Hates Barter Arbitrage

Compare the posts…..and shame on you Tyler. There’s always some joker who thinks they’re smarter then me…..but you aint one of them.


Stay Legendary,

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0


How To Easily Trade With Restaurants and Hotels

Barter Arbitrage Logo

This audio is for those of you who either think you need a lot of money to get started in the trade business or feel you have no marketable skills.

Let’s get this straight! You don’t need much cash at all if any. You can be an utter clueless individual in terms of SEO and website design yet still look like an expert complete with a portfolio of SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK!

This audio is gonna show you how to trade with two of the easiest industries who welcome trade I know of: Hotels and Restaurants.

Learn in this audio how to “source low”, swipe samples, and trade high! The massive spread is your profit. Use it or sell it….your choice! Got it!

After listening there really shouldn’t be any excuses as to why you can’t do this. Barter has been around long before money and those people were not exactly rocket scientists so take a listen and go bank profits.


Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Barter Arbitrage: How To Print Your Own Money

Barter Arbitrage Logo


This is another short but blistering audio designed for my international peeps and the rest of you who may or may not even want to join an organized barter exchange.

Learn how to use the power of “scrip” to literally trade your goods and services at full retail for things you would pay cash for. The best part is, your funny money is often not redeemed for months if ever.

You can literally create your own money today based on your products and services and trade it while obtaining massive leverage.

In many cases it’s like borrowing cash today but rather then paying interest on the loan, you often will earn interest! This stuff really gets me excited because I use it all the time on and off the barter exchange.


You guys and girls are getting an incredible amount of free information. Do yourself a favor and listen to all the audios till their completion or you will not get a full understanding of just how powerful Barter Arbitrage is.

Stay Legendary,

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage.com

Husband & Wife Team Crush It with Barter Arbitrage!

Barter Arbitrage Logo

3 years later one of the very first buyers of Barter Arbitrage has since joined forces with his wife and are literally crushing it with the strategies picked up from this ground breaking barter course.

Russ and Marsha Checchin are cash converting their trade dollars back into real cash at a rate of 70% on the dollar! I can’t even do that!

For every one dollar of real money they invest they get a return of 10 trade dollars which they then turn into 7 real dollars….and trust me…..the numbers are staggering!

Want to learn how my course has changed their lives over 3 years later? Take a listen….streaming link is below….and it’s very inspiring on many levels. These are genuinely nice people and it’s a real honor to know they’ve stuck with the program because it WORKS.


As I’ve said, unlike all the bright shiny objects that pervade internet marketing, Barter Arbitrage is evergreen and it’s only going to get better.

There’s a reason over 250 peeps dished out $297 smackers for this information that you new buyers will only pay a fraction of.

Keep checking back and STAY LEGENDARY!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0


Why The Trade Industry HATES Barter Arbitrage!

Barter Arbitrage Logo

When I first started promoting Barter Arbitrage over 3 years ago I flat out told every one that this secret trillion dollar industry did NOT want this product coming out. I also told you that only around 500 people in the entire world have a real clue as to how the barter industry works and they did NOT want their secrets revealed.

It wasn’t a sales pitch. It wasn’t hype. It was the truth. One of the bigger trade industry sites went after me with a passion because I told the TRUTH.

But even he finally had to admit that what I was saying was TRUE. He even admitted same on his own site. See links below.


Thanks to all of you who emailed me to let me know you saw the original and the re-edit. Tyler Seamons just proved what a little bitch he really is. Sorry bro….we already all read what you wrote…..you’re too late….and now you look like a dumb ass!

Again…..jerk offs like this PROVE MY POINT! The links below have now been edited……by Tyler Seamons.



BUT VINNIE JUST BUSTED YOUR DUMB ASS TYLER: Here are the original posts he made before he “edited” them a few days ago….like the coward he is: please compare the RECENTLY EDITED links above with…the original posts he made below…and then let’s wait and see what this little prick has to say.

Please compare the two edited links above to the exact posts below that he originally posted 3 years ago. BUSTED!



Wow….you just got punked Tyler! Edit your ass out of this one!

You see…the Barter Industry didn’t like the fact that I was bringing in fresh blood to the industry. They didn’t like the fact that I brought in entrepreneurs rather then their “cookie cutter” clients who only were taught to trade their OWN goods and services.

They didn’t like the fact I told them that they promoted their industry as CHICKENS FOR GOATS!

And they really didn’t like that I set the North American record that still stands

:I signed up more new traders in a month then the average barter office with a full sales staff could do in a year! Envy breeds haters!

I hate to break it to the Barter Industry…..but it’s not a comeback! I’m back. So deal with it.

Here’s an interview never before released with me discussing the Barter Industry’s attempts to suppress me. It didn’t work.


Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Barter Arbitrage Student Scores Luxury Home for Chump Change!

Barter Arbitrage Logo

I just recorded another live blistering interview with an original Barter Arbitrage student named David James Ostiguy. This 14 minute recording discusses how David used the techniques in the original Barter Arbitrage 3 years ago to score a 9 bedroom luxury home rental for peanuts.

David is or never was an “affiliate.” He was an original student who paid $297.00 for the same product that you all will be getting for a fraction of that. Plus 2.0 is updated with even MORE CONTENT!


This incredible product is so multi faceted that you can use it for a myriad of cash saving and cash generating needs. You are only limited by your imagination. True.

This 9 bedroom house rents for $1000 a day…and rumor has it that President Obama has stayed here. David stayed 3 days and his total out of pocket cost was slightly under $400!!!! THAT COMES TO AROUND $133 BUCKS A DAY FOR THIS CRIB! WTF!

That’s the power of arbitrage, baby!


Stay Legendary

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Buy HIGH Sell LOW and still bank $4000! WTF!?!

Barter Arbitrage Logo

This is far and away the most popular case study I’ve ever presented on the power of Barter Arbitrage.

Yes Virginia, using the techniques I teach in Barter Arbitrage you can buy high and sell low and still make bank. That is NOT a typo!

It’s a case study involving a real student and a deal she did that literally allowed her to “buy high, sell low” and still bank $4000 in cash.

Specifically Sylvia Rolfe purchased a $15000 GIA certified diamond, sold it for $7000….and still made a profit of $4000 cash!

Sylvia Rolfe

Do the math and before you think I am totally crazy, do yourself a favor and check out this 14 minute audio that explains exactly how she did it.


Barter Arbitrage 2.0 will be released in October 2013. Quite frankly it’s the most bad ass course of its kind EVER released and will open your mind to a world of opportunities you walk by every day.


Continue to check this site daily….as we are putting a ton of free gold up.

Stay Legendary

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0