A Sneak Peak At One Of My Early Trading Accounts

I pulled this invoice off the original sales page just to show you the motley crew of strange items I sold on the ITEX Barter Exchange

As you’ll notice it’s quite a myriad of products and services. 4 years later, nothing has changed…..I still sell strange stuff all the time.

I EAT RECESSIONS FOR LUNCH! In fact, the worse “stuff” gets the more profitable these techniques work.

 ITEX Trading Account

Sales Report

HERE’S THE BIGGER POINT: I created $67,725.69 cents in purchasing power over a period of time for around 10 cents on the dollar. Do the math.

Get ready, this is information you have never heard before and that’s why Barter Arbitrage was and will always remain the top selling, most critically acclaimed¬† course of it’s kind. It’s that damn good! Period.

p.s. This is another reason the Barter Industry hates me….they don’t want me teaching you that you can trade funky items like this at huge margins despite the fact their OWN members loved them.

Stay Legendary, and remember those who opt in to the early bird list get one full month of email consulting with me…so I can help jump start your trading biz!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0