17 Year Old Kid Trades A Cell Phone Up To a PORSCHE!

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One of the things you will get out of Barter Arbitrage is a new ability to analyze deals and look at things completely differently then the mass of sheep who are completely clueless in regards to the power of barter positioning.

Barter Arbitrage was the top selling course of it’s kind because we were the first and only product that opened up the world of trade to entrepreneurs not just brick and mortar business owners who do biz at 123 Maple Street.

We completely revolutionized a trillion dollar industry because no one else has ever put this information out to the general public.

Barter Arbitrage will make you smarter and the methods discussed will make you better at compliance dialogue and positioning both of which allow you to “trade up.”

Here’s a 17 year old kid who knows all about using positioning, barter, compliance dialogue and bad-assery in general. ENJOY!

Stay Legendary

Vegas Vince