Bartering $2 Million Dollars in Bat Manure!

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As I’ve mentioned numerous times, there are only about 500 true players in the barter industry which does trillions of dollars on a global level. The trade industry is largest industry of its kind that literally keeps itself in the shadows on purpose.

Allow me to introduce one Moreton Binn who is known in the trade world as the Sultan of Swap and whose company profits hundreds of millions trading anything and everything including Bat Manure. I kid you not!

Bet you never even heard of this guy who could buy and sell the Donald Trump’s of the world for 10 cents on the dollar. But then again, that’s why I created Barter Arbitrage.

When you finish my course you will know more then 99% of all the “traders” in the world.

Moreton Binn loves to swap. Anywhere, anytime, he’s ready to trade just about anything for anything else. He once exchanged a pot roast sandwich for a cab ride when he realized he had left his wallet in another suit. But that was small potatoes to Binn.

Professionally, he is president and CEO of Atwood Richards Inc., a Manhattan company that barters millions of dollars worth of goods a week and is reputedly the largest firm of its kind in the world.

On a funny side note, last I heard Moreton decided to conquer the Spa Industry??? I guess with all his money u can afford to indulge in million dollar ventures.


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Vegas Vince

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