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Secret Barter Arbitrage Product Sourcing Sites Part 1

Hey special thanks to Barter Arbitrage student Patrick Wooley for providing me with some really bad ass sourcing sites that a lot of you can use to source trade items that can be traded up for big profits.

Some of these sites I recognize, others I do NOT.

As always check into this blog daily even if you’re a paid member as I still continue to update the Barter Arbitrage blog with content rich gold and this is the only place to find it.

This will be page one of some of the sites you can take to the bank and I’ll post the rest tomorrow.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the incredible feedback. It’s always nice to get great testimonials on the Warrior Forum….but so much nicer to get specifics in terms of your success.

Many of you are literally kicking ass with barter and I’m proud of all of you.

Anyway here are a few sites to book mark and study. More will be coming!




OK gang…..thanks again to another number one show with my most successful student ever….show replay is posted on this blog and it’s BAD ASSSSS!

Stay Legendary and Keep Checking In Daily! There is so much gold on this blog don’t let the fact it’s free devalue all the barter nuggets I’m sharing.

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Bartering Scrip Tips from the UK

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Hey Barter Arbitrage MONEY TEAM members, thought a lot of you might enjoy this video from a dude from the UK who does a nice job of explaining the power of scrip aka gift certificates.

Now this is something we cover in mass detail throughout the updated Barter Arbitrage 2.0 course but if you are like me… a visual presentation is always cool as I personally process better with audio and video.

FYI, while this guy is from the UK his techniques work anywhere. So watch the damn thing! It’s not a long video and it’s very informative.

And a message to my international students who claim there is no “barter” in your country. WRONG!

Every country trades. Every country on the face of the earth there is an opportunity to barter…the problem is you often step over dimes to pick up pennies or even worse…pick up nothing.

Again, it’s true your country may NOT have an organized barter exchange but that does NOT mean you can not begin a trading business.

That’s the purpose of this course.

If ITEX does NOT apply to you, it’s ok. If BarterCard does not apply to you, it’s ok.

This course will show you a myriad of ways to make it work without them. I say this because so many of you are worried about ITEX and such and it is NOT necessary.

Yes joining an organized barter exchange has a lot of advantages. But at the same time, over 50% of MY deals don’t even utilize ITEX.

Now enjoy the video and I’ll be doing a student radio show on my popular Vegas Vince: Sales and Marketing Behind the 8-ball in a few days. I’ll post it on the blog and if u miss it live you can catch the archive as all my shows remain archived forever.

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

P.S. And if you find my course valuable…PLEASE leave me some love on the WSO section of the Warrior Forum. We have over 12 pages of rave reviews and I’d love to hear from you over there if you think you got your money’s worth. Thanks!

Why Barter Arbitrage will be my Final Product Ever.

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The truth is, Barter Arbitrage 2.0 will be the LAST product I ever release. Why? Because I no longer choose to participate in an internet marketing industry filled with affiliate programs that buy and pay for their testimonials from people who have vested financial interest in said product…but usually were given a “review copy” and never actually “use the product.”

In a word: bullshit.

We’ve shocked the world with our little mini launch selling over 500 copies of the best damn course ever done in regards to exploiting the trillion dollar barter and trade industry in 48 hours minus any wings, strings, or camera tricks.

I didn’t use a single affiliate. I didn’t “buy and sell” testimonials. My Facebook page is filled with dozens of people who flat out have spoken with their wallets…and they now realize what suckers they’ve been. It take a great product to open your eyes. I did. Eye balls are popping out all over cyber space.

Translation: Many call this the greatest product they have EVER purchased.

Some of the biggest players in marketing like Dr. Mani, Rob “The Genie” Toth, Willie Crawford, and Marlon Sanders…..endorsed me and this product and did NOT make one single dime in exchange.

I am sick and tired of of looking at affiliate products of the day filled with “testimonials” from their affiliate buddies who probably never even looked at what they are endorsing and if so…they were given review copies for free.

Vinnie didn’t roll that way this time. I didn’t buy shit. I created a great product….and a great blog with real content and I didn’t need to resort to the bullshit these types use to promote their dime sale products filled with OTO’s that lead 2 a road called NO WHERE SUCKER!

My final WSO will be released tomorrow or Friday. It’s real. It’s pure. The people who endorse it actually plunked down real money. They aint making a dime in return.

I am sick and tired of playing games on forums watching marketers sell shit they themselves NEVER DO AND HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING.

As the feedback pours in…..I realize I’m leaving on top. With a shred of fucking integrity that is evaporating in this bullshit IM world.

I am leaving knowing I put out the greatest product of all time in regards to the barter trade niche ever done and my customers will back that up.

We don’t have to “cheat” to sell.

A word to the wise to u snake oil salesman and your pathetic dime sale mentality: value your own product rather then figuring out ways to trick the suckers who are as guilty as you are.

I’m one man. But I promise I’ll kick ass on the Warrior Forum on my way out the door by doing something everyone who sell there should do….do what you sell and deliver quality.

I’ve put out three products in my life. They all crushed it. I wonder why? Hint Hint! I did the opposite of what these clowns above do every day…because trust me….they don’t make money doing shit…they make money selling shit.

I’ll continue with my one on one coaching clients who pay me good money to help them create empires. I’ll finish my book. I’ll continue my speaking career….but as far as IM….see ya!

You will get my last product….and you’ll understand then how you’ve been conned by so many others.

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Meet Idaho’s King of Bartering

Barter Arbitrage Logo

Well peeps, Barter Arbitrage will be going live sometime Monday night October 7. All early birds continue to check into the site as I’ll be posting bits of barter bad-assery up until launch day.

The video below perfectly illustrates yet another dude who can see past the forest and way outside of the box most of you allow yourselves to become prisoners of.

My course will give you over 30 hours of hard hitting information that will change the way you do business and look at business forever.

We have 3 early bird spots left. So if you want the month of FREE email consulting I’d opt in asap because I’m guessing we’ll be filled by later today.

Enjoy this awesome video as this dude does hundreds of thousands of dollars in trade and we’ll not only teach you how he does it….we’ll make the process easier.

Keep in mind some of the most respected marketers of this generation not only ENDORSED THIS COURSE….THEY USED IT.

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

How to Barter Video Testimonials for Anything!

As many of you know, in addition to being one of the top traders in the United States, I am also one of the most prolific video marketers as well.

Currently I have over 155 businesses ranked on page one of Google with a You Tube video.

So what does video marketing have to do with Barter Arbitrage 2.0? Because this is one of the easiest techniques available to grab either cash or scrip from specific business owners you cherry pick because they have something you want.


FYI….the company we used as an example in this video IS STILL RANKED NUMBER ONE ON GOOGLE ONE YEAR LATER!

Don’t believe me? Punch in Best Cremation Services and if you want…ad the city of Davenport after that. (We actually show up on page one even without the city!)

Between the audio and the video this technique will allow you to grab scrip like taking candy from a baby. My closing percentage is around 85%….but in many cases I am  more then willing to take a higher price in scrip then in cash…especially if I’m going to spend money in the persons business anyway.

This is total bad-assery so listen to the audio, watch the video and get ready for Barter Arbitrage 2.0 which goes LIVE  to early birds this coming Monday. Only 12 early bird spots left. So if you want a month of FREE consulting with me….better opt in now.

Stay Legendary

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Leveraging Your Personal Currencies into an Empire!

Barter Arbitrage Logo


Barter Arbitrage 2.0 is going to be out in the next 7 days or so, and in the mean time I will continue to drive home the power of leverage.

Barter Arbitrage done the way I teach it, allows you to get what YOU need or want today for currencies you have inside you but just never thought of.

I’m going to use an example of a student who has used the free info on this blog to open up his mind to new ways of marketing his “currency.”

Enjoy another short, but powerful audio…and remember to opt in to the early bird list…..we have 22 slots left and then I gotta pull the plug.


Keep in mind this is one of dozens of strategies in Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Enjoy this mind bending audio…..and figure out how to apply it!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

How Can Openers plus Barter Created the Home Shopping Network

Barter Arbitrage Logo

Still think Barter is chickens for goats? What if you were a small radio station sitting on 1400 friggin’ can openers sitting in your prize closet?

What would you do to turn those can openers into one of the biggest companies in the world?

You would apply the magic of barter arbitrage and become the company known as: The Home Shopping Network!


Legendary Interview!

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0….What the world is coming to.

VegasVince Barter Arbitrage


Barter Arbitrage Sales Page is up– NOT LIVE yet!

Hey peeps, I posted the sales page for you early so you could get a grasp on exactly what you are getting. THE BUY IT NOW BUTTONS ARE NOT LIVE! HIT THE HOME PAGE…AND CHECK IT OUT.

The product will be release in early October…..so read the sales page and if you come across any questions, use the awesome free blog to help yourself out.


And after listening enjoy the Barter Wars video below….a lot of fun!

Stay Legendary,

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0

A Sneak Peak At One Of My Early Trading Accounts

I pulled this invoice off the original sales page just to show you the motley crew of strange items I sold on the ITEX Barter Exchange

As you’ll notice it’s quite a myriad of products and services. 4 years later, nothing has changed…..I still sell strange stuff all the time.

I EAT RECESSIONS FOR LUNCH! In fact, the worse “stuff” gets the more profitable these techniques work.

 ITEX Trading Account

Sales Report

HERE’S THE BIGGER POINT: I created $67,725.69 cents in purchasing power over a period of time for around 10 cents on the dollar. Do the math.

Get ready, this is information you have never heard before and that’s why Barter Arbitrage was and will always remain the top selling, most critically acclaimed  course of it’s kind. It’s that damn good! Period.

p.s. This is another reason the Barter Industry hates me….they don’t want me teaching you that you can trade funky items like this at huge margins despite the fact their OWN members loved them.

Stay Legendary, and remember those who opt in to the early bird list get one full month of email consulting with me…so I can help jump start your trading biz!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

How To Generate a Fast $10K Loan You Never Repay!

“Honey baby can’t u see….aint nobody BAD like me.” –VV

Before I get into this actual case study I’m going to do myself in the next few days, I want all of you who opt into the early bird list for Barter Arbitrage 2.0 to get a bonus that the others won’t be receiving simply because there’s no way in hell I can find the time to do it.

Opt in early and I’ll give you ONE MONTH of FREE EMAIL CONSULTING in order to get your trade business off to the races. This is a bribe. Period. And it’s one hell of a good BRIBE!

As I’ve told all of you this is my final product and I will be selling this entire course one month after the launch…so take advantage of this!

Now check out this little audio that explains how I (and eventually YOU) can set up your own bank, borrow 10 grand out of thin air, never repay a dime and if you do it right you’ll actually earn interest on the money.

A blistering live 11 minute audio…during dinner rush!


Think it can’t be done? I’ve done it on several times since the release of Barter Arbitrage and I can show you how to do it as well. And before you think it “wont work for your biz” etc……STOP.

It can and will WORK if you go through the entire course that will be released in the first week of October even if it friggin’ kills me!

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

VegasVince Barter Arbitrage

P.S. Wait till u check out the sales page for Barter Arbitrage….you’ll see it when it’s ready 2 go LIVE….it’s friggin’ sick!


Mining Barter Gold on CraigsList

Barter Arbitrage Logo

Enjoy this brief audio on using the barter section many of you do not even know exists on www.craigslist.com. There is a very active faction of people who are very open to trade on this massive site and you can locate them easily.

Note: you can usually locate the BARTER section on the home page bar that says FOR SALE.

This will be a major component of the Barter Arbitrage 2.0 relaunch so I’m just gonna cover the basics so you are good and prepped for the upcoming release.

There are numerous strategies that can allow you to obtain items easily on trade via Craigslist and use them to “trade up” and leverage yourself to a point where there is a major spread between what you started with and what you finished with.

I also discuss some surprise bonuses that will be included in the upcoming Barter Arbitrage 2.0 release and our early bird option for those who want to grab this legendary product before it’s released to the general public.

You do NOT need to be a member of a barter organization in order to use Craigslist effectively in your trading ventures….so take a listen as we continue to dish out incredible free information that several of you are already putting into place and profiting from.


Stay Legendary and continue to check in daily as we are updating at least once a day with content rich gold.

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0


How Barter Triangulation Can Make You Rich

Barter Arbitrage Logo

OK peeps, I’ve been hammering you with hard hitting FREE barter strategies that many of you have already used to go to the bank and the updated course hasn’t even been released yet!

Awesome! Barter Arbitrage is my final product and Vinnie wants it to be his legacy so rest assured you are going to get the very best information I can provide.

Here’s another bad ass audio on the art and science of Barter Triangulation which is a method that can save deals that seem impossible and on a larger level….can make you rich.

One deal a year is all it takes to sip frozen Margarita’s under a palm tree.


Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

Buy HIGH Sell LOW and still bank $4000! WTF!?!

Barter Arbitrage Logo

This is far and away the most popular case study I’ve ever presented on the power of Barter Arbitrage.

Yes Virginia, using the techniques I teach in Barter Arbitrage you can buy high and sell low and still make bank. That is NOT a typo!

It’s a case study involving a real student and a deal she did that literally allowed her to “buy high, sell low” and still bank $4000 in cash.

Specifically Sylvia Rolfe purchased a $15000 GIA certified diamond, sold it for $7000….and still made a profit of $4000 cash!

Sylvia Rolfe

Do the math and before you think I am totally crazy, do yourself a favor and check out this 14 minute audio that explains exactly how she did it.


Barter Arbitrage 2.0 will be released in October 2013. Quite frankly it’s the most bad ass course of its kind EVER released and will open your mind to a world of opportunities you walk by every day.


Continue to check this site daily….as we are putting a ton of free gold up.

Stay Legendary

Vegas Vince

Barter Arbitrage 2.0