Why Barter Arbitrage will be my Final Product Ever.

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The truth is, Barter Arbitrage 2.0 will be the LAST product I ever release. Why? Because I no longer choose to participate in an internet marketing industry filled with affiliate programs that buy and pay for their testimonials from people who have vested financial interest in said product…but usually were given a “review copy” and never actually “use the product.”

In a word: bullshit.

We’ve shocked the world with our little mini launch selling over 500 copies of the best damn course ever done in regards to exploiting the trillion dollar barter and trade industry in 48 hours minus any wings, strings, or camera tricks.

I didn’t use a single affiliate. I didn’t “buy and sell” testimonials. My Facebook page is filled with dozens of people who flat out have spoken with their wallets…and they now realize what suckers they’ve been. It take a great product to open your eyes. I did. Eye balls are popping out all over cyber space.

Translation: Many call this the greatest product they have EVER purchased.

Some of the biggest players in marketing like Dr. Mani, Rob “The Genie” Toth, Willie Crawford, and Marlon Sanders…..endorsed me and this product and did NOT make one single dime in exchange.

I am sick and tired of of looking at affiliate products of the day filled with “testimonials” from their affiliate buddies who probably never even looked at what they are endorsing and if so…they were given review copies for free.

Vinnie didn’t roll that way this time. I didn’t buy shit. I created a great product….and a great blog with real content and I didn’t need to resort to the bullshit these types use to promote their dime sale products filled with OTO’s that lead 2 a road called NO WHERE SUCKER!

My final WSO will be released tomorrow or Friday. It’s real. It’s pure. The people who endorse it actually plunked down real money. They aint making a dime in return.

I am sick and tired of playing games on forums watching marketers sell shit they themselves NEVER DO AND HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING.

As the feedback pours in…..I realize I’m leaving on top. With a shred of fucking integrity that is evaporating in this bullshit IM world.

I am leaving knowing I put out the greatest product of all time in regards to the barter trade niche ever done and my customers will back that up.

We don’t have to “cheat” to sell.

A word to the wise to u snake oil salesman and your pathetic dime sale mentality: value your own product rather then figuring out ways to trick the suckers who are as guilty as you are.

I’m one man. But I promise I’ll kick ass on the Warrior Forum on my way out the door by doing something everyone who sell there should do….do what you sell and deliver quality.

I’ve put out three products in my life. They all crushed it. I wonder why? Hint Hint! I did the opposite of what these clowns above do every day…because trust me….they don’t make money doing shit…they make money selling shit.

I’ll continue with my one on one coaching clients who pay me good money to help them create empires. I’ll finish my book. I’ll continue my speaking career….but as far as IM….see ya!

You will get my last product….and you’ll understand then how you’ve been conned by so many others.

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0