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Barter Arbitrage Secret Sourcing Sites Part 2

OK Barter Arbitrage Money Team Members and those just checking us out: here are some more links that can be used to create massive leverage in your trading ventures.

Wanted to take a second and let you all know how proud I am of the massive success some of you had your very first week out of the gate. As one of my students said, “this beats internet marketing” in every way.

He’s right. This is the most evergreen product ever released….and nothing Google does can ever change it. NOTHING! And let me tell you something about that. How many online business’ have been destroyed because of some jack ball at Google changing this or that?

Build your house around “Google” and might as well build it on quicksand.

Barter has been around long before dollar bills and it will NEVER go away.

You who were lucky enough to grab this product while it’s still dirt cheap know you got way more then you paid for. And it came with no OTO leading to a road called “Gotcha Sucker”!

Here are some more sourcing links and as I always say, go back through this entire blog again and again…..because there is stuff here that isn’t even included in the product! And it’s free!



Guys and Girls…..as many of you know, I am leaving internet marketing to do personal coaching in student’s home town. This product will be sold in the coming weeks…and I absolutely promise it will go to a new seller who will charge FAR MORE then the meager 47 bucks I’m charging u now.

All students who purchase while I still own this joint…will get everything promised including consulting. Nothing will change.

Wait too long….and that wont be the case.

Check into this blog often please!

Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0