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Bartering Puppies, Tractors, Speed Boats and Drug Dealers!

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This audio is rated HHH for triple hardcore.  Vinnie explains how and why you can and will be able to trade up like the various examples on this site.

I realize you “logical” types who reside in the cash world have a hard time believing you can trade a phone up to a sports car or even a puppy up to a $10K speed boat, but I’m here to tell you the reason these deals happen all the time.

It all comes down to the power of words. How you position yourself, and how to ask questions and why you need to  shut up and listen. Compliance dialogue is an art that anyone can master if they’re willing to give up their linear thinking. Barter Arbitrage will make u a master of this skill set. U do NOT have to be any type of superstar sales person.

The art of the trade often comes down to “timing” and “desire” far more then actual monetary value. I realize this contradicts what most of you think but I’ve been trading for enough years to know it’s in fact true.

The cash world that most of you all reside in is a totally different universe then the trade world. The cash world doesn’t even come close to the leveraging opportunities available in the secret world of trade.

Whether you are living in the states or in another country, you absolutely must “get this” part in order to succeed.

And for you storage unit freaks…..Vinnie reveals a little dirty secret about drug dealers that might allow you to cherry pick the mother lode of storage lockers.


Stay Legendary!

Vegas Vince

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