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Barter Arbitrage Students: Please Use This Blog

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Hey gang, first of all the response has been overwhelming! My face book wall is filled with dozens of peeps calling this one of, if not the BEST products they’ve ever invested in.

Please do the Barter Arbitrage course in the proper order. Start with Barter Arbitrage 1.0 so you learn the foundation and techniques needed to fully grasp the even more powerful techniques presented in the updated strategies contained in the 13 audios which comprise Barter Arbitrage 2.0.

More importantly, once this final launch is complete I will continue to ad content to this blog until such time that I sell it. And yes, even after I sell this business, I will still help anyone who needs it as I’ll have more free time on my hand.

Please don’t skip over this free barter blog. There are posts here with audios and videos that could have, and probably should have– been included in the course.

The fact I provided them for FREE doesn’t devalue them at all.

I realize most marketers use their blog posts as a way to “close the sale” and I’m no different. But the difference here is that I actually chose to deliver real content that you could use….not “teaser fluff.”

We will go live on the warrior forum WSO section for the final time around 6 or 7 pm east coast time tonight, and any of you who feel that I delivered you value….your testimonial is much appreciated as it’s tough competing with the affiliate monsters and their bought and paid for testimonials. Don’t get me started on that!

You peeps actually invested. And your voice carries more weight then a bunch of affiliates with vested financial interest in the product they are endorsing because they themselves are promoting it!


I believe we can make a statement that quality trumps all the bs, otos, and other shady shit these guys pull…but I need your help to do it.

Thanks to everyone and please find the time to go through the entire course. I promise when u are done it will change your life if u apply even a few of many strategies.

Stay Legendary,
Vegas Vince
Barter Arbitrage 2.0